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Susan Norman Band
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Michael Norman (Lead guitar) - Michael is Susan’s brother and the lead guitarist in the band. He was born in Leeds, Yorkshire but moved to the Isle of Man in 1986 when he was two years old. He got his first guitar when he was seven and soon started to learn his first chords. Later he played with his brother Steven in bands called ‘Utopia’ and ‘Feedback’ and later were joined by Crim to form a band called ‘Loot’. Eventually they decided to join up with Susan to make their first album. Michael likes to listen to artists such as; The Cardigans, Rage Against the Machine, Dire Straits, Pantera, Led Zeppelin amongst many others.

Steven Norman (Drums) - Steven, Susan’s other brother in the band got his first drum kit when he was only six years old! He was also born in Leeds and moved to the Isle of Man as a baby in 1986. Steven originally intended to have a career in computers and left college with a degree in I.T. He secured a job in Barclay’s Bank but soon realised that it wasn’t what he really wanted to do so left to concentrate on music. He enjoyed his time in ‘Feedback’ and ‘Loot’ but is now happy to be in the band with his sister Susan. Some of his favourite bands are; Tool, Foo Fighters, The Mars Volta, Jimmy Eat World, The Beatles among others.

Chris Cojeen (bass) - Chris, better known by his nickname ‘Crim’ was born in Douglas, Isle of Man on the 9th August 1984. He started his musical career at the age of 14 originally as a guitarist but switched to bass in 2002. Apart from playing in ‘Loot’ with Michael and Steven, Crim has played in many other bands such as ‘Welm’, ‘Postcode’ and ‘Uber Room’. He decided after a while to quit the music scene and went off to join the armed forces and served in the British Royal Marine Commandos. When he returned to the Isle of Man, he joined the band and is looking forward to getting out on the road. His favourite artists include: Roger Waters, Frank Zappa, At The Drive In, Dreamtheater, Explosions In the Sky, Nickel Creek, King Crimson. Tool, The Mars Volta.

Dean England (Guitar) - Born in Wakefield in December of 1986, Dean was brought up around music mainly because of his parents and their musical influences. At the age of 13, he borrowed a guitar from his dad who told him that if he managed to learn 15 chords, he would buy Dean his first guitar. Dean did that and earned his guitar, and after a few weeks he couldn’t put it down.Later, Dean began to write music with his brother James, they teamed up with some friends and formed a band called INAMBA. The band were together for 10 years, playing all over the UK. They got themselves a record deal and released a record. Unfortunately though it wasn’t to last and they split last year due to musical differences. Dean was the last member to join the band and hopes this may be the start of a new chapter in his musical career.

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